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Behavioral Expectations

Whether we are in a class, sectionals, games, or a Saturday competition, we are representing the Instrumental Music Program, Villa Park High School, the Orange Unified School District and City of Villa Park.  It is vital that e maintain a positive code of conduct at all times.  You may certainly enjoy yourself while always being polite to and respectful of those around you.  Remember that the words "please" and "thank you" will work wonders! All adults should be treated with respect.  This includes your directors, parents, volunteers, chaperones, audience, and anyone else we see, whether they know us or not.  We always want to leave people with the best possible impression of us.

Be On Time:

ON TIME = Ready to play, not walking in the door!


  • Have your music

  • Know your music (PRACTICE)!


Public Displays of Affection (PDA):

This is an interesting topic. Even a kiss on the cheek is inappropriate in public when in uniform.  There are better ways to show your support and confidence in each other. Handholding should not take place in front of the audience.


At all times, the policies set forth by the OUSD will apply at all Instrumental Music activities both on and off campus, before, during, or after regular school hours. This shouldn't be necessary, but here are examples of specific behaviours that WILL NOT BE TOLERATED:

  • smoking

  • illicit drugs

  • drinking of alcoholic beverages

  • profanity

  • behavior deemed to be in poor taste (PDA)

  • abusive or threatening language directed toward anyone.  Such language is unnecessary and unacceptable at all times.

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