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On behalf of Villa Park Instrumental Booster Club, we would like to welcome you! If you have a student enrolled in this program, YOU ARE A BOOSTER! We are very excited about this year and particularly proud of the dedicated group of musicians that we have! The Boosters are dedicated to a tradition of excellence in our Instrumental Music program and feel that the best way to support our kids is to get involved.


Booster meetings are held the 2nd Monday of each month at 6:30 pm in the band room. Please join us!!

Booster Board:

Brandie Smith

Andy Sydnor

Tracy Lader

Jody Lemmel

Lori Saulten

Dana Parmental

Jamie Sokoll

Here are some things that will help you:

  • Check this website's calendar several times a week to make sure you're up to date on everything. The goal of this website is to be the one place where communication happens.

  • ATTEND ALL PERFORMANCES! Your kids may not say it (or realize it), but they need and want you there! They may even say they don't want you there, but they do. There isn't another opportunity to make this right, so please show up for you student. Performing in front of those you know has an impact that is important and immeasurable! This includes games, tournaments, parades, and concerts at school!

  • Bring a padded stadium chair or seat! Your backside will thank you. At home games, our band parents enjoy sitting together as a section to support our kids and enjoy one another.

  • Support your student by making sure their uniform is cleaned as required during the season. Also, please be aware that when they leave for performances, all parts of their uniform are worn correctly.

  • Please make sure your student arrives promptly to all performances and pick them up promptly afterwards. 

  • Support Mr. Corbett by reminding your student of all policies, guidelines and expectations while in uniform.

  • Wear the Instrumental Music "booster spirit wear" -- we have t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and jackets to show-off our school spirit and pride in our kids. 

  • All football games and tournaments have entry fees for spectators, so bring money to get in. If you have other student family members attending, remind them to bring their ASB cards so that they can get in at student prices. You will also want to bring money for food, snacks and drinks. Some sites (away games) will allow small coolers. Others will not Fred Kelly Stadium (our home field) does not allow outside food and drinks.

  • Parade days are long -- hot during the day and cool at night. Sunscreen and jackets will be welcomes friends, as will lots of water.

  • WE NEED YOU! Volunteers are needed during each event. Support your student by offering extra hands to help with snacks/water, load/unload the truck, help set up or tear down for events, etc.

  • DONATIONS -- Cases of water (8 oz size) are always welcomes. 

  • Make sure your student eats before performances and remind them about drinking plenty of water.

  • DORDORANT!!!!! We want to be able to hear the students in formation, not smell them in formation. Keep extra in their bag.

  • SUNSCREEN! Please encourage your students to use it.

  • MEDICATIONS! If your student takes regular medications or has some kind of medical condition, please inform Mr. Corbett asap. It's the student's responsibility to bring whatever they need and to communicate with Mr. Corbett as to what needs to be done.

  • EXTRAS! Students should bring extra gloves, black socks, band aids, valve oil, reeds, jacket, etc.

  • Hair is up and off of the uniform collar during the ENTIRE event.

  • All band shoes look alike! Write your last name i the inside of the tongue of BOTH of your shoes!

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